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Episode 4

#4 Out of the Box and Alien Words

On this episode of the Artifact Podcast, Nachliel and Meir-Simchah dive through the portal of a strange word in the Book of Samuel, meaning 'box'. This leads us to investigate loan words in general, some suprising loan words in the Torah, and ultimately into a discussion of the nature of the language of the Torah.

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Nachliel Selavan

I’m a museum and history buff and an artistic and creative educator. I grew up in the Old City of Jerusalem hopping from rooftop to rooftop, scavenging archaeological sites, encountering many a King David with Jerusalem syndrome, and meeting tourists from around the world; and now I’ve become an educator who brings history to life through sharing my experiences.

I just completed a year of podcasting on the Torah portion with the Parasha Study Plus podcast; I did the series Archaeology on the Parasha for TanachStudy.com (https://app.tanachstudy.com/parasha-plus-study/sefarim/archaeology/bemidbar). I also host a YouTube series Sefer Study - Archaeology Snapshot (https://www.youtube.com/c/MuseumToursIL/videos). Life is fun and busy, and if you like what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!
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Meir-Simchah Panzer

I'm a perpetual student with eclectic interests - languages and linguistics, neuroscience and philosophy, mathematics and music. I grew up in northern Virginia, went to Brandeis University, took a long walk on the Appalachian Trail, found my way to Jerusalem. I met Nachliel on Shabbat, at a kiddush in the Old City, around the corner from where he grew up. We've been friends ever since.

I also co-host 'Two Christians and a Jew', a podcast where we explore how Christians and Jews read the Hebrew Scriptures differently and what difference it makes for our lives. Previously I co-hosted 'Holy Madness - The Show'.